Our pre-team programs consist of levels 1 and 2. These teams work at developing their basic skills as well as strength and flexibility. These basic skills will give them a strong base on which to develop all of their future skills. These levels compete for ribbons in several “fun meets” to gain competitive experience.

Compulsory Teams

The compulsory teams consist of levels 3 through 6. The Level 4 team works very hard at perfecting their skills and routines. Since this is the first level of competing for scores, learning to perform their routines and skills is emphasized. 
Olympia’s Level 5 and 6 teams train hard to perfect their compulsory skills knowing that they are the building blocks to their optional skills. These teams improve their ability to compete at several meets per year including both state qualifiers and invitational.

Optional Teams

Our Level 7 team has the opportunity to show their optional skills for the first time in their first individualized routines. 
Olympia’s Level 8 through 10 teams work toward learning upper level gymnastics skills and performing them at the state, regional and national competitions. These teams have achieved great awards. Many of these team members have gone on to successful college careers.