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  Before you come in

  • Staff will be health screened with symptom and temperature checks daily
  • Employees with any symptoms or temperature above 100.4 will be sent home immediately
  • The entire gym is disinfected with Disinfectant Spray each night with a ULV Fogger

  Entering the Gym

  • Stars painted on the sidewalks as designated standing spots to ensure social distancing while entering the building
  • Signage on the door instructing anyone, coach, athlete or parent, who is experiencing any symptoms to not enter
  • Masks are optional upon entry, and for viewers in our lobby
  • Doors will be propped open for touch-less entry
  • Health Screening and Temperature taken by a staff member upon entry (Staff member will have either a mask or face shield on)
  • Athletes with any symptoms or temperature above 100.4 will be immediately isolated in our isolation station, will be sent home, and will not be able to participate in practice until they return symptom free
  • Hand Sanitize by either hand washing for 20secs or using Hand Sanitizer with 60% or more alcohol upon entry
  • Cubby use will be designated and assigned to ensure social distancing

  Throughout the workout

  • We will be keeping thorough attendance records at each practice 
  • Athletes and coaches who sneeze or cough will be required to wash and/or sanitize hands immediately 
  • Every athlete will be hand sanitizing in between every rotation
  • Athletes and Coaches will always maintain 6ft of social distancing
  • There is 6 Sanitation Stations throughout the gym including hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, face shield, face coverings, and disinfecting spray.
  • Water fountains will not be available; however, the water bottle filler will be. Each athlete should have their own water bottle
  • Bathrooms are equipped with touch-less faucets, soap dispensers, and paper towel dispensers
  • If for whatever reason, (medical emergency, assistance, etc.) a staff member must be within 6ft of an athlete they will have a mask or face shield on
  • Drop off is encouraged, but if you would like to observe practice please limit to one adult per athlete and no additional siblings in the building
  • All athletes will exit the building out the side or back door
  • Equipment will be disinfected with a botanical disinfectant in between each recreational and preschool class

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Awesome Jobs For Awesome People
, - Olympia Gymnastics is always looking for awesome candidates to join our staff! Do you know someone who is enthusiastic, positive, enjoys working with children and has background in gymnastics?!?

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Olympia Gymnastics Celebrates 25 Years in Service

In 1995, Bob and Lori Koch created Olympia Gymnastics out of their love for the sport of gymnastics. It was their dream to create a program that would start children on a road to a healthy & active adulthood while boosting their self-esteem.

Fast forward 25 years and Olympia Gymnastics is now a community leader in youth fitness. Their 24,000 square foot location in Shelby Township has quite the reputation for excellence. From the beginner to the advanced gymnast, they have helped thousands of little feet on their road to an active lifestyle. Well-known for their friendly environment and fun atmosphere, Olympia has helped spark a love for gymnastics in the hearts of many area youth. Over the course of two decades, they’ve worked with families and athletes from around the United States and Canada.

Olympia has celebrated many successes along the way including a very successful competitive team. The coaching staff at Olympia has developed hundreds of young people into outstanding & dedicated competitive gymnasts. The team athletes & coaches have participated in gymnastic competitions around the country and athletes have earned the opportunity to travel to exciting locations like Panama, London, Venice & the Dominican Republic. Olympia has trained many state, regional, and national champions. Over the years, Olympia has had more than 30 athletes earn athletic scholarships to college.

Olympia has also provided hundreds of High School and College students their first employment opportunity. Olympia now employs more than 50 coaching and administrative staff members that continue to follow the strong leadership principles taught by Bob & Lori.

“Twenty-Five years ago we would have never dreamed the impact we would have on the community. All of us at Olympia would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our supporters for their generosity and continued commitment as we begin to look ahead to the next 25 years!”

 -Lori Koch