Sue Brothers

"My daughter has been involved in gymnastics since the age of three. Being part of gymnastics at Olympia has afforded her (and myself) the opportunity to make many new friends. Most importantly, however, it has allowed her to overcome her shyness and made her a more confident girl. She has been taught the value of hard work and accomplishing her goals. She is now ten years old and we look forward to continuing our journey with gymnastics and Olympia." 

- Sue Brothers

Robin Strange

"My son was involved in competitive gymnastics for several years at another facility and something never seemed quite right. We decided as a family to switch him to Olympia. The biggest compliment came from my son’s teacher when she asked “What’s going on with Spencer? He’s raising his hand, talking and being much more confident in class.” That came only two weeks after we made the switch to Olympia. The coaches, teammates, parents and atmosphere at Olympia made all the difference in my son. Thanks! 

-Robin Strange

The Beatty Family

"Our daughter has been involved in gymnastics for several years at Olympia.  During this time, we have seen a huge growth in her.  She has learned to be a team player, to set goals, and to work hard to reach her goals.  Most importantly, the dedication and focus she has gained from gymnastics has carried forward to other areas including school.  She has also formed a special bond with her coaches and teammates that will undoubtedly create lasting memories.  The coaches at Olympia have provided a fun and nurturing atmosphere that has continued to foster our daughter's enthusiasm and love for gymnastics."  

-The Beatty Family

The Joler Family

"We love Olympia gymnastics because we get to be active in the winter and do so together!"

-Levi & Natasha Joler

Miley Reaves

"I Heart Olympia Gymnastics because I love to do the bars and balance beams. I wish I could come to Olympia Gymnastics everyday" 

-Miley Reaves

Katie Baiardi

I am 21 months old. I have down syndrome. Gymnastic allows me to try and do things like other kids my age can do! I love the slide and am so proud I can do it all myself!

-Katie Baiardi

Rosa DiMaggio

"I love Olympia Gymnastics Academy because I like to get exercise and I like to do all the flips and bars because i swing. I like all my coaches Jordan, Katie, Megan, Lexi, and all the other coaches too. I like meeting new friends at Olympia too."

-Rosa DiMaggio

The Adei Family

"We heart Olympia Gymnastics because it's challenging, sporty and loads of fun! Our favorite area is the pit and we also love doing cartwheels!" 

-Kaitlen & Hallie Adei