Robert and Laurissa Koch opened Olympia Gymnastics Academy in 1995. They created Olympia out of their love for the sport of gymnastics. It is their philosophy to teach gymnastics in a fun, safe environment that boosts your child's self-esteem. Our goal at Olympia Gymnastics Academy is to develop each individual's gymnastics potential in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. Using specific gymnastic progressions and a highly trained staff, each gymnast will learn the correct fundamental and basic skills which will equip them with the knowledge and ability to progress to whatever level they are able to achieve. Through the sport of gymnastics our instructors help each child grow their self-confidence and gain a positive self- image. All of our coaches are safety certified through USA Gymnastics.

Olympia offers recreational gymnastics programs for girls and boys of all ages, beginning with 18 months. Our programs include a parent-tot program, preschool and school-age classes, tumbling and trampoline, birthday parties, field trips, and more. Our preschool program begins at 18 months of age and is offered until the children are in 1st grade. Upon reaching 1st grade, our students join our recreational classes, where they work with others of their same skill level. Students in this age group may also choose to join our tumbling classes, which are specifically designed for cheerleaders, dancers, and anyone else primarily interested in tumbling. Olympia is also home to a very successful competitive team. We are proud of our many state, regional, and national champions! Our competitive team ranges from Pre-team through Elite.

Olympia Benefits

  • 25,000 square ft facility
  • Highly trained staff
  • Completely air- conditioned
  • Lots of convenient parking
  • Spacious enclosed viewing area for family and spectators
  • Separate training areas for preschool, instructional, and team gymnastics
  • In-ground trampolines and tumble tracks
  • Loose foam and resi-pits for every event
  • Channel bar training system
  • Wireless Internet
  • BioGreen Sanitized